Bots: AI Battlefront

Bots: AI Battlefront 1.0

Program tank-like vehicles with AI for combat on a 3-D battlefield
1.0 (See all)
Omega Technical Systems

Bots: AI Battlefront is a game that lets you program tank-like vehicles with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that controls them on a 3-D battlefield. You can write AI programs using any .NET language, like Visual C# or Visual Basic, and pit your creations against each other or against those of other players.
Bots can move, look around, fire at enemies and obstacles, and even communicate with each other. You can make full use of powerful development tools like Microsoft Visual Studio, and test and debug your AI in real-time. Share your creations and challenge your friends. Connect with other people and watch their games remotely. Includes a comprehensive User Guide and full API reference.
For programmers and anyone learning to program, Bots: AI Battlefront offers a new and fun way to apply and grow your skills!
(If you don't have Visual Studio, you can get a FREE edition. Visit for details.)

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